Biomanufacturing Facilities

Our group has two main location types:

R&D and process development laboratories that investigate, develop and optimise biomanufacturing processes for a range of cell types and micro-organisms. It is also here, in a separate suite, that mammalian cell biomanufacturing processes can be developed and optimised before being transferred to our FDA / EMEA, cGMP compliant manufacturing facility. Bioprocess Development & Optimisation" Click here for more details on the R&D and process development capabilities.

In Penang, Malaysia, Alpha's 5,000 sq metre cGMP manufacturing facility is purpose designed to shorten the production phase, resulting in highly cost-effective solutions for our clients. The facility primarily produces mammalian cell secreted proteins such as monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins - although products can also include mammalian cells, supernatants, membrane fractions or other options chosen by our clients. Click here for more details.

State-of-the-art upstream and downstream bioprocessing areas and technologies were designed into the cGMP biomanufacturing facility to provide maximum flexibility, allow parallel processing, minimise throughput time and cost to the customer. Click here for more details.

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